Friday, September 29, 2006

Mad as Hell, Not Taking Any More

I think the Democrats, in particular, these award-winning immoral cowards, haven't the slightest idea how large the response to their complacency towards Bush's mad power grabs is going to be.

Thunder on the Mountain: The Murderers of Democracy
Who are these people? Who are these useless hanks of bone and fat that call themselves Senators of the United States? Let’s call them what they really are, let’s speak the truth about what they’ve done today with their votes on the bill to enshrine Bush's gulag of torture and endless detention into American law.

Who are they? The murderers of democracy.
Sold our liberty to keep their coddled, corrupt backsides squatting in the Beltway gravy a little longer.

Who are they? The murderers of democracy.
Cowards and slaves, giving up our most ancient freedoms to a dull-eyed, dim-witted pipsqueak and his cohort of bagmen, cranks and degenerate toadies. For make no mistake: despite all the lies and distorted media soundbites, the draconian strictures of this bill apply to American citizens as well as to all them devilish foreigners.

Who are they? The murderers of democracy.
Traitors to the nation, filthy time-servers and bootlickers, turning America into a rogue state, an open champion of torture, repression and terror.

Who are they? The murderers of democracy.
Threw our freedom on the ground and raped it, beat it, shot it, stuck their knives into it and set it on fire.
More at the link, including an audio file of the author (Chris Floyd) reading his post.

Shakes and I have often discussed the "straw" moment, where the camel's back of Bush's plunder would finally be broken, and how amazed we were that this had not yet happened. We thought it would be the Downing Street Memo. Then, it had to be Katrina, for sure. Then, it had to be the wiretapping. None of these apparently were enough motivation. Sure, people were furious, and there's always been plenty of anger directed at the Democrats for their spinelessness, but this... this looks like a powderkeg.

I've never seen this much anger directed at the Democrats. People are enraged and feeling betrayed. Their attempts to lie low and appear "tough on terror" has backfired on these cowards.

Is it just me or is every major Democratic defeat in the Senate always preceded by barn-burner speeches from Senators Kerry, Feingold, Dodd, Obama, Kennedy, Biden, and others? I'm getting tired of this shit. It's not enough to say the right things, you need to do the right things.
It's time to get the talkers out of office.

This will not be forgotten in November.

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