Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Yes, my little Spuds, I'm back in town. Our vacation was wonderful, thank you for asking.

In case you can't tell, I'm completely swamped. Work, school, and a new certain something project that's keeping me very busy as well. (Hint: Keep an eye out for an announcement about November 16th.)

Anyway, any posting I do for the next several days is probably going to be of the "This happened. Click here to read more" variety, rather than my usual pithy comments. I'll try and keep things sparkly, though... so you don't all get bored and leave me. *Sob*

Oh, by the way, Land of the Dead is out on DVD (unrated director's cut, bitches!), and it's fantastic. Don't listen to the bad reviews... it's a great zombie flick (okay, with a slightly weak ending) worthy of Romero. I'll try and post a review on it soon, but do yourself a Halloween favor and rent it. Or buy it. Georgie needs a new pair of glasses.